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I currently teach online from the Bronx, New York. Private instruction is offered in the following instruments/disciplines:


  • Voice - Emphasis is on pop, rock, R&B, jazz and theater. Modern pop/gospel technique.

  • Piano - Traditional reading/book method and pop chord/song method

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Ukelele

  • Audition Preparation - Specializing in Honor Choir and high school performing arts school auditions

  • Theory - Traditional and Jazz Harmony

  • Sight Singing/Reading

  • Synchronization of singing/playing

  • Home recording: Garageband and Logic

This brief video about basic harmony is an example of how I teach harmony and theory on piano. Teens and adults can benefit from this modern style of learning to play chords in key groupings in order to play faster than learning to read music, which typically takes much longer.

"My 13 year old was hesitant to begin guitar lessons until he had his first lesson with Andrea! She immediately made him comfortable and taught him basics that first session! Since then, she has continued to build on those basics while keeping it fun and current for him by teaching him to play music that he likes! I completely recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for private lessons! She is the best!!!" 


"Have I mentioned how awesome it is to hear my daughter's voice lessons with Andrea? She just knows how to guide her while singing and work on her vocal challenges. It is no small thing to know your craft and be good at it; and it's a whole other level to be able to assess, knowledgeably instruct and motivate someone else to improve on theirs. And to do it in a video call? There are no words for that!


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